PBE Slurry Spike Aerator Slurry Injector

Ground breaking technology brings you the all new Slurry Spike - it simply cuts small slots into the soil, resulting in better uptake of nutrients for the ground & growing crops.

See the Slurry Spike in action on the video below.


Working width:
6 metres
Transport width:
2.5 metres
90 X 240mm long spikes
Tine spacing:
1.6 Ton
Power required:
Folding or swinging umbilical arms.
Purge system to flush through pipework.

Key Points

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Low Maintenance
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Compatible with Umbilical Systems & Tankers
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No Hydraulic Macerator
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No Bearings
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Relives surface compaction
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Hardox Tines

Patent Number GB2463161